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uPVC door repairs

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uPVC door repairs Colchester

Failed or faulty uPVC or composite door? With years of experience we can help..

uPVC door repairs in Colchester

As well as a lock cylinder most uPVC doors come fitted with a multi-point lock known as a mechanism. The Mechanism consists of the face plate which is the strip that runs up the edge of the door and the internal workings. There are a wide range of manufacturers of multi-point locks so getting the right lock for your door is not a simple task. We have many years experience dealing with uPVC multipoint locks and have access to all parts for this door type.
If you have a failed or faulty door please feel free to contact us. Please consider with these types of door prevention is always better then the cure. If your door is becoming hard to operate it could be easily adjusted without the need for new parts. If you continue to have to force it to operate it will eventually result in a mechanical failure and replacement parts will be required along with the additional cost.  If your door is becoming difficult to close or lock give us a call today. 

upvc door repairs in colchester

For a free no obligation quotation or general enquiry please feel free to call Call 07598 654 887. We are happy to answer general enquiries until 10 pm 7 days a week. 

Customer warning

There are a number of locksmith businesses advertising on search engines and directories who have local telephone numbers and addresses. Unfortunately many of these businesses are not located anywhere near Colchester. We have come across two companies where a customer has rung a company thinking they were a local business and they have sent operatives from Cambridge and another from London.

In both cases the customers had a lengthy wait for the locksmith to arrive even though they were promised within the hour and both customers paid over 5 times as much we would have charged.

Genuine 24 hour service please use the mobile number if calling out of hours.