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Lock Changes

We carry most UK lock types in stock and are able to order unusual locks and parts same or next day. Call 07598 654 887

Lock Changes Colchester

Special Offer - We offer discount when having more then one lock changed on a single visit.

Lock changes in Colchester

Lock changes can be required for many reasons. The more common reasons for having a lock change are increased security, taking over a new property, losing keys or new doors and windows. Occasionally, you need to get a lock changed in a hurry to prevent access from unauthorised people who have acquired a set of your keys. 

We are no more than an 20-40 minutes away should you need an urgent lock change. We carry an extensive range of common UK lock sizes and unusual or older locks, cylinders and mechanisms are either available same or next day.

If you have any questions or would like an idea on likely cost please feel free to call. If you are unsure on the type of lock you need replacing. Please see our Lock Type page before calling.

For a free no obligation quotation or general enquiry please feel free to Call 07598 654 887. We are happy to answer general enquiries until 10 pm 7 days a week. 

Customer warning

There are a number of locksmith businesses advertising on search engines and directories who have local telephone numbers and addresses. Unfortunately many of these businesses are not located anywhere near Colchester. We have come across two companies where a customer has rung a company thinking they were a local business and they have sent operatives from Cambridge and another from London.

In both cases the customers had a lengthy wait for the locksmith to arrive even though they were promised within the hour and both customers paid over 5 times as much we would have charged.

Genuine 24 hour service please use the mobile number if calling out of hours.